How to Fix my Hp Printer not Connecting to Wi-Fi Issue?

In this technological world, the advent of wireless printers is nothing new. These are an affordable treat with the perfect top-notch quality printout. If you recently bought an HP wireless printer but are facing issues while setting it up, you need to take the assistance of an executive to guide you with the intrinsic details before the situation worsens.
Hp Printer Tech Support initiates ways to fix the printer unable to connect issue

Is your HP not connecting to Wi-Fi? Do you need help with it?
  1. Print out a wireless test report and look for the configuring link to inspect that you can easily compare the IP address of your printer and network gateway.
  2. These printouts provide you with the information whether these connections are present or not.
  3. Insert the IP address into the web browser or on the system for internal configuration.
  4. Locate for the appropriate menu to change the IPv4 settings on the printer.
  5. Set the IP address manually and ensure that it is within the range of your router.
  6. Go for adding up the sub-net identification add that might be in the characters of
  7. You must use the router IP as both the fields (gateway as well as the DNS field)
  8. Now, restart the devices for a perfect in-built connection.
Have you tried out the steps aforementioned and got your issues resolved? If not, then our expert advice is just meant for your assistance. Pick up your telephone to place a call at HP Printer Support Canada: +1-778-806-1736 and eliminate the issues entirely. The technicians are highly qualified and certified to deal with minor to major printing related problems of users. Until a crisp quality printout is generated out of the device, we don’t step back. The main motive we work upon at our support center is “100% customer satisfaction.”

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