My HP Printer is Printing Bad Prints, What should I do?

Printers are such an amazing invention, which has really made a difference in modernizing our world. It has facilitated everyone in today’s time. Now, Printers by HP are really amazing and ready to use for personal as well as professional purposes. However, even after being this effectual, there are many issues are associated with these printers. If you are a victim of lousy printing in your HP printer, then you are surely not alone to be tormented by this error. After witnessing the impact and radius of this problem, we have procured some steps from the professionals which might help you tackle this problem on your own. Although, you can also contact HP Printer Support Canada if you wish to have direct help from the experts. Just follow the steps given below.
  • You must make sure that you are using appropriate and compatible sheets for the printing. For not all kinds of sheets work better with specific printers.
  • Thoroughly check if the paper type that you input in the computer is same as the one inside the printer.
  • Now you will see the modification of the fuser according to the paper type in some of the laser printers. You can perform this manually as well, but make sure it is set properly as the fuser can be very hot and it can create much anticipated damage.
  • Now, you have to make sure whether the fuser is broken or not and if it is really broken then, you need to have it repaired; also make sure the ink cartridges are full. You can take the help of user’s guide for this purpose.
  • Perform a test print and if smearing problem still persists, then print for several times and the problem will eventually fade away.
Contact HP Printer Customer Support Canada: +1-778-806-1736 if you face any kind of problem at any hour of the day, for they are available in your service.

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